Installing a Dimmer Switch with Wires Properly

Installing a dimmer switch with wires will help your life to choose the level of brightness in the room. Do you know? This new technology is a dimmer switch. The dimmer switch is a very suitable technology for your indoors, bedrooms, or outdoors. These allow you to control the level of brightness by a dimmer switch. Good news for you, you are have not to change the large watts with the small one in your favorite spot.

Today, it is still very rare for some people to know dimmer switch rather than smart lights. Unfortunately, smart light is not the one and only technology to serve you better. There is another technology that you can use. Of course, people need electronic technology that can help them. The birth of the perfect dimmer switch is the genius idea of electricity.

How to Get Dimmer Switch in Favorit Spot?

How to Get Dimmer Switch in Favorit Spot

The dimmer switch is barely important for your daily basis. The rotary method in the dimmer switch will help you to get what you want in the simplest way. Further, take it easy about the cost of electricity. You are going to be more efficient in using electricity at your favorite spot by this technology. This article will tell you how to install this modern switch dimmerusing wires.

  1. Collect the supporting tool

It does not need a long time to change your old light switch with the new one or dimmer switch. Before you change the switch, please make sure your wires are supported this new light switch. You also should upgrade your wires to get safety results during the process of light switch changing. You will need a wire stripper, screwdriver, voltage tester, and needle-nose pliers to get the best results. Wires are crucial problems because it is possible to created fire and short circuits.

  1. Switch off the electricity

Shortly afterward, you can switch off the electricity and check the hot wires inside the box. Before it, you can turn on the lights and set your time while the electricity is turning off. When you started opens the box, let the electricity off as a safety reason. Using non-contact voltage tester also is a great idea to get the minimum risk of bad accidents. You also should check is other hot wires from another circuit is still exist inside the box.

  1. Preparing The Metal Box

In this step, you should make sure to have not used many wires for installing a dimmer switch with wires.If you are using too many wires it could be overheating. You can add one for each hot wires and neutral inside the box to know the minimum box size. You need to add 1 to whole ground wires. Have also 1 to all clamps, and 2 for each switch inside the box.  For Double size, you need 14-gauge wires and 2,25 for 12-gauge wires to get the proper volume of the metal box.

  1. Check Your Dimmer Switch

Not all dimmer switch has the same size or setting. You need to check the instruction first to get perfect results. Adjust your wires connector with the wires’ size and the amount that already connected. Rotate the wires connector into your clockwise setting to connecting wires and the dimmer switch. You may stop rotating if the connector already stable and perfectly matched.

Installing a dimmer switch with wires

That all the step by step how installing a dimmer switch with wires.If you only need a switch that can control the brightness of your lights, the cheap dimmer switch is enough. You can also buy a three-way dimmer switch to switching off the lights from two dimmer switches.