Motor Starter Wiring Diagram

The starter system or motor starter wiring diagram is a mechatronic circuit to start the engine using electrical energy. The main function of this starter system is to replace the manual starter on a motorcycle engine. The system includes a mechanical circuit for turning the electrical circuit as the energy of the motorcycle. Further, this system is working by converting electrical energy using a hand fleming method. You are no need to use your feet to starting the engine of the motorcycle.

The Perfect Motor Starter Wiring Diagram Components

Furthermore, the engine will start rotating. There is a starter chain or gears to switch it on. Know that the voltage source is from the motor starter. Another thing to note is that the construction of the starter motor must be as small as possible. This principle is the same as another principle of the common starter motor. This article will give you an important component inside the perfect motor starter wiring diagram.

  1. Battery

Batteries are the main source of energy supply to the motor starter wiring diagram. The capacity of the battery for the starter is varied, it depends on the engine capacity. Usually, the voltage use 12 volt in motors, and 24 volts for trucks and bus. The battery will store electricity in the form of chemical energy. This will be used and released when needed based on the load or system required.

  1. The Starter Clutch

The clutch starter works to flow the main circuits from the battery directly to the motor starter. Inside the starter clutch, there are two coils, a pull-in coil, and hold-in coil. The function of the pull-in coil is to push the plunger into the pinion gear within the hold-in coil. This component is integrated with a modern motor starter wiring diagram. The starter clutch has two terminals that directly connect to the battery.

  1. Pinion Gear and Drive Lever

The function of the pinion gear is to continue the rotation of the armature shaft to the flywheel. The shape of the pinion gear is smaller and it can reduce the rotation of the armature coil. Meanwhile, the drive lever is driven by a pull in the coil on the starter clutch. By the drive lever, the flywheel can spin without starting the engine of the motorcycle.

  1. Brush

The brush is the next component made by the copper. The function of this tool is to carry electricity to the commutator. In the armature coil circuit, the commutator rotates when the armature shaft rotates. This brush needs routine maintenance to keep it stable. There are two brushes in the starter motor, a brush with the circuits and brush with mass.

How the Motor Starter Wiring Diagram Works?

motor starter wiring diagram

First thing first is you should make sure the ignition is on. When the ignition is in the turn-on position, the main relay will be connected. This automatically makes the battery flow to all the electrical system of the motor. The starter will be connected to the terminal 50 on the starter clutch. This terminal has an electrical magnetization that helps pull in the coil movement.

Next, this condition also helps the battery main starter to the starter motor. The starter motor converts the electric from the battery into rotary power. When the engine is rotating, the motor is can be used perfectly. You have to make sure the machines are perfect. You also choose the simple motor starter wiring diagram to save your time.

When the motor starter wiring diagramis stable and all ready to use, do not forget to maintain the engines. The important part is to keep the balance of the engine to make it long-lasting.