Information About Network Cable Wiring Diagram: Kinds and Example

How do you draw a network cable wiring diagram? Perhaps, most of you still have lots of questions about networking. Not a few who ask about how to connect a network device. The point is how these devices are connected with them can make a computer network that operates.

You need to know who needs the net. Like the type of raw dressing that is usually present in large-scale network diagrams. The purpose of this issue is to facilitate problem-solving in the network if there is a problem. Then, what else is the variety of this diagram? Check out the information below!

network cable wiring diagram

Kinds of Network Cable Wiring Diagrams

Speaking of network cable wiring diagram, you need to know some of the restoring networks in our lives. Some of these are important for the needs of the installation. Usually, people use these licenses to make cable networks in their homes, offices or even corporations.

Previously, you also need to know about computers that are on a particular network from a card. This card is commonly known as Ethernet / NIC adapter cards. This card has a speed of 10/100 Mbps or Gigabyte Ethernet. For the network type, you can find the list below.

Two Computer Network

The first network is a network of two computers. This type of network is the simplest type. It works to connect two computers in one particular location. In making this network, you need to pay attention to the type of UTP cable you are using. There is UTP cross cable that’s useful to make back to back connections.

In addition, the cables above, there are types of NIC adapters that feature Auto MDIC or Autosensing ports. With this type, you can use straight cables, then the system will automatically detect and adjust to your needs.

If you want to connect two or more computers, you can use the Switch. The goal is to form a workgroup network that can communicate with each other. In addition to the type of cable, you also need to pay attention to the IP address for each computer. The example IP address below will give an overview of the configuration of TCP / IP properties.

1. Computer 1: IP address = subnet mask

2. Computer 2: IP address = subnet mask

For the above IP address, leave the gateway and DNS blank.

Wireless Router Network Scheme

Wireless Router Network Scheme

Next is the Wireless Router network scheme. You can use this network to share your internet connection at home like Speedy. Previously, the Speedy network was only an ADSL modem with network features without a Wi-Fi network. As for Touch, you need to add a wireless access point that connects the Ethernet port of the modem. Now, Speedy has innovated with routers that have integration with wireless access points in a single device from a variety of vendors.

You can ensure that your home has an internet connection service network before using this diagram. This is so that you can use the network for telephone and internet at the same time without interfering with each other.

Example of Network Cable Wiring Diagram

If you use the EIA / TIA 568A Ethernet UTP cable, you can see the wiring diagram below:

PinSignal CodeDescriptionColor of CableCodePin
1BI+_D4Bi-directional+White + brown stripBI+_D47
2BI-_D4Bi-directional-Brown + white stripe/ solid brownBI-_D48
3BI-_D3Bi-directional-White + blue stripeBI-_D35
4RC-_D2Receive Data-Orange + white stripe/ solid orangeRC-_D26
5TC+_D1Transmit Data+White + green stripTC+_D11
6TC-_D1Transmit Data-Green with white stripe/ solid greenTC-_D12
7RC+_D2Receive Data+White + orange stripeRC+_D23
8BI+_D3Bi-directional+Blue + white stripe/ solid blueBI+_D34

Thus is brief information about network cable wiring diagram. If you’re still confused to make this diagram, you can ask help to services that are more expert in this field. I hope this helps!