Repairing Your Bathroom Wall Water Damage, See the Causes

Repairing your bathroom wall water damage soon! Hello there, do you ever find your bathroom wall water damage? Then what is it going on it? Knowing that you should repair it to not get the worst caused on it. If you ignore to not solve it quickly, you will find health issues. Moreover, other structural damage in your house. Related to health issues, there are several kinds of it. Those are mold, bacteria, and insect. As we know, molds like growing in such dump condition like in the bathroom.

These are some diseases caused by mold; headaches, respiratory problem, vomiting, and any other diseases. Meanwhile, bacteria can also grow faster in such area and it can lead the molds to grow fast. It can create some illnesses such as strep throat and so on as well. Then, the insect is easily come to your home due to water damage. It could happen because water damage can cause a crack in walls so that you will find a hole in it. You have already known about this right? Now, it is the time for you to know-how is the step to repair it. Through this article, you will know how to repairing your bathroom wall water damage.

The Ways to Resolve Your Problem

Before repairing your bathroom wall water damage, the first step you must prepare is pay attention to your safety. These are the things needed to start resolving your problem. Here are the things; gloves, a dust mask, disposable coveralls, safety goggles, and other things you think it will help you to remove wall water damage. This step is important because there are many dangerous microbes in water damage.

Next, the second step is separate the tiles from the affected area. You can use your hand to remove it. Meanwhile, the more difficult tiles, you may use a knife. The third step is removing the shoe trim. Do this carefully so that the shoe trim could be recycled. The exception, if you have a plan to get the new shoe trim. The fourth step is finding the other closet stud. To do this, you should work outside the cause of damage. Then, draw a vertical line at its center. Do it to the right and left of the damaged area.

Next, connect to the top and bottom. The fifth step is to cut out the damaged drywall. The sixth step is replacing the removed drywall. Previously, if you find the rotted stud, you should cut it. Then measure the hole which needed to be filled by the new drywall and the same thickness previously. Cut them based on the measurement and tighten by using drywall screws. The sixth step is filling the hole by using drywall mud and press it. The seventh step is applying drywall mud within three times. The eight-step is cat your drywall by considering the same color as the wall. Now, you have already finished repairing your bathroom wall water damage.

Repairing Your Bathroom Wall Water Damage

Be aware to the cause of water damage 

According to the explanation above, you have already known that water damage is not unimportant issues in our life. Thus, it has not enough yet to know the way to resolve it, but also you have to aware of the cause of water damage to avoid the same mistakes in the future. There are simple things related to this. For instance a leak in a pipe behind the bathroom wall, water spray from a showerhead, etc.

That’s all about the information about repairing your bathroom wall water damage. It may give you a lot of benefits.