Find out The Differences between Satin Vs Semi Gloss Finish Kitchen Cabinets before Buying

Satin vs semi gloss finish kitchen cabinets is not similar. The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house which is a place for daily cooking. Having a comfortable kitchen really needs to be done so that your cooking activities are fun. In addition, a kitchen with a beautiful arrangement will add to the aesthetics of the kitchen. 

Are you currently looking for a kitchen cabinet? Or are you doubt to choose between satin vs. semi-gloss kitchen cabinets? You can listen to the following description so as not to distinguish satin vs semi gloss finish kitchen cabinets.

Differences between Satin and Semi-Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

A good kitchen paint coloring will make your kitchen look more beautiful and also unsightly. If the chosen paint color is not right then it will certainly disappoint you. Surely you don’t want something like this right? To overcome this, the selection of paint that is good and right needs to be done. There are 2 main types of paint used for homes, namely oil paint and water-based (or latex) paint. Oil-based paint is considered to be the best choice because it produces longer durability.

Then, for finishing paint manufacturers offer a variety of choices that you can choose to color the kitchen such as high-gloss, semi-gloss, satin, flat, and eggshell. The end result of the five is available in the form of oil or water-based paint. Each element and the kitchen area has different needs. This makes you need more than one ingredient to enhance your kitchen.

For semi-gloss paints, they are not as durable as high-gloss paint. However, this paint is still a known choice for kitchens. This type of paint is suitable for doors, cabinets, and wood. This paint has a long enough durability and is also easy to clean. You need to pay attention to the differences between satin vs. semi-gloss kitchen cabinets so you don’t distinguish them correctly.

As for finishing satin paint types are well-known for the last 15 years. Satin is quite popular for the walls of the kitchen and wood. This paint has a soft and not shiny appearance. However, this paint is easy to clean and quite durable. However, this paint has a weakness in its smooth coating. This makes it impervious to moisture. So, this is not the best choice for a place with high humidity.

Tips for Choosing Cabinets for the Kitchen

  • Buy from a trusted wardrobe shop

When buying an item it is necessary to pay attention to the shop to buy goods that are needed or desired. Surely you definitely want goods that are durable and not easily damaged right? So, buy a trusted kitchen cabinet shop so you are not disappointed when buying it.

  • Design cabinets that suit your taste

Choosing a design that suits your taste needs to be considered. This will greatly affect the beauty of the kitchen. You can choose the design of a kitchen cabinet according to your taste. Everyone certainly has different kitchen tastes. So, don’t miss out the high end designs and models for the cabinets!

  • Good and correct material selection

What is also not important from the design is to choose the material that is good and right. If you like wooden kitchen cabinets, you can choose quality wood.

  • Adjust to your pocket

Whatever kitchen cabinet designs you want, don’t forget to adjust your budget. This is important because no matter how good the design is, but if it doesn’t fit into the bag, of course, will end up disappointed.

Find out The Differences between Satin Vs Semi Gloss Finish Kitchen Cabinets before Buying

Well, the description above is a difference ofsatin vs semi gloss finish kitchen cabinets that can be a reference for you. The kitchen is not only good place for cooking, but you also need to pay attention to its beauty. Because the kitchen becomes an important part of your home.