Don’t Get Upset! Overcome Water Damage Behind Shower Tiles with These Tips

One problem that usually happens in the bathroom is water damage behind shower tiles. It can happen, because the wall of the bathroom need repairment . The water flows into the wall tile will ruin the tile quickly. But fortunately, this happened only in the wall which is too close to the shower place. So, you can clean it quickly and you do not need other equipment.

But although that, you cannot let it and don’t do anything. The ruined wall will make your bathroom looks bad. You don’t want it to happen to your family, don’t you? So, this article will tell you about everything that you need to fix this problem. So, keep reading and check it below.

The Steps to Fix the Water Damage Behind Shower Tiles

For the first, prepare the equipment to fix the problem.  Get a putty knife, flat pry bar, utility knife, bucket, drywall saw, razor scraper. You also need cement board, cement board screws, cement board joint tape, tile adhesive, and 6-inch drywall knife. Prepare the notched trowel, grout and plastering tools and the last is 100 percent silicone caulk.

Prepare all of the equipment to fix water damage behind shower tiles. So the first, make sure where is the place that caused the problem. Usually, this problem happens at the bottom of the bathroom wall. You will find the shabby, discolored grout, movable tiles, and peeling caulk. Then, remove the tiles correctly.  Make sure that you do not break or chip the tiles because it will be difficult to match it.

You can remove it with your hand or you can also use a putty knife or a small flat pry bar. If it is necessary, scrape out the old grout to open the tile edges. After that, cut out the drywall, the purpose of this step is to make you easier to start the starting point to install new drywall.

Steps of Fixing the Water Damage Behind Shower Tiles

Clean the old tiles, you have to remove the drywall residue and the old adhesive using a putty knife or an old wood chisel. If the adhesive is not cement, you have to boil it in hot water to make it soft so you will be easier to clean it. After the tiles are ready, install the cement. Make sure that the strengthen board you made has the same chunkiness as the drywall so make sure that the tile will fit to flat across the joint, then tape and mute the joint.

You have to apply the self-adhesive mesh cement board joint tape to the drywall-cement board joint. Fill the gap and cover with the tape thin-set using a drywall knife. Then, install the tile, mix one thin-set and use it in the notched wide traffic. Let the thin-set cure, then grout the tile with one which matches the original tile. Then caulk till joint, do not forget to seal the gap between the tile and shower pan or floor with a continuous bead of 100-percent silicone caulk.

Water Damage Behind Shower Tiles

Prevention Action to Water Damage Behind Shower Tiles

Those are the steps of overcoming the water damage behind shower tiles,but actually, if you can do a prevention action it will be better because you do not need to buy some equipment to fix it so you will be thriftier. Several ways which you can do to prevent the water damage such as making sure that you have installed the shower and the bath well.

Usually, although you have installed the shower and the bath well, the water still penetrated behind tiles so you can install tanking. You also can add silicone to the corner of the wall so the two walls will not make a gap which will be able to penetrate the water.