Let Know the Cause of Water Leaking From Ceiling Under Bathroom

Water leaking from ceiling under bathroom is such an annoying thing. The Ceiling in the bathroom is one of the parts which is susceptible to be broken. Moreover, if the ceiling is under the upstairs bathroom. The problem that usually happened in the ceiling is leakage. This leakage happens when the water from the upstairs bathroom pierce the under bathroom ceilings. 

Although it happens in the bathroom certainly, it will make you feel upset. You have to solve this earlier to avoid more problems. If you let it several times, it will make something appear like big brown spots or water stain. By the way, there are several causes of leaking in the bathroom. So, it will be probably helpful to find out the cause of water leaking from ceiling under bathroom. 

The Cause of Water Leaking From Ceiling under Bathroom

The water leaking from ceiling under bathroom is caused by the pipes upstairs. The leaking is usually caused by the break or defects the wax ring which is adjoined with the floor. The leaking can also happen because there is a leaking in the water supply lines. It flows into the bathroom or toilet. Sometimes, the sink trap is the cause. The leak can happen when the water is seeping out. Then the drain pipes connector joints are not really tightly. Maybe you also have to replace the fitting if it does not work well.  Make sure that you set it properly. 

The other cause which can cause water leaking from the ceiling under the bathroom is the drainpipes. After checking, and the problem is really in the drainpipes, place it with the new one. When you go to the hardware store, do not forget to bring the old drainpipes. It is good to know the types of your drainpipes. It will also avoid you to get the wrong drainpipes. The latest drainpipes are made with black ABS or white PVC.  Do not forget to get the right tools which accompany the drainpipes. Make sure you got the right type of glue and the primer to attach the PVC or ABS. 

Sink leak can be the one which caused of leaking in the ceiling. If the ceiling leak only happens when you use the shower, it means that the problem is in the faucet in the bathroom. The solution for this problem is you have to check the faucet. The drainpipes are between the valve and the showerhead of the leak. Then, pour the water into the bottom of the shower or bathtub, and let it overnight. After that, check it again in the next day see, if there is some leak it means that the problem is in the water and the opposite. 

Water leaking from ceiling under bathroom

The Solution of Water Leaking From Ceiling under Bathroom

Several things that you can do to stop the water leaking are located the leak. Check every which maybe caused the leak such as the bathroom, the sink, the sink trap, the wax ring in the toilet and also the supply line to the toilet. If you cannot find the location, use your finger to feel the moistness. 

If the problem of the ceiling has been extreme it is better for you to make a sign for area limits, maybe if someone pass, they can slip or others. So, make sure that all of the members in the house have known about this limits area to prevent a worse situation. 

Those are several caused of the water leaking from ceiling under bathroom and also the solution of the problems. Hope you can fix your lake problem with the ceiling and you who have not felt this experience before can make this article as knowledge and preventive actions.