How To Do Wiring A 3-Way Switch? Here Are The Instructions

In electrical installations, we certainly know the term wiring a 3-way switch. In this cable, we know several color cables that are important components in an installation. Some of the most common cables that contribute to the installation are red, black and blue cables. Each color cable certainly has a different purpose.

Speaking of the 3-way switch, there is no special color for the wire on the switch. The color variation depends on the NM cable or channel you are using. If you use an NM cable, the color will change to black and red with a 3 wire cable. Here is an example of a three-way cable in a light switch.

Three-Way Light Switch Cable, Wiring a 3-Way Switch

wiring diagram a 3 way switch

Typically, cabling 3-way switches have a higher level of complexity compared to single-pole switches. However, it won’t be as complicated as you think if you understand the diagram. This 3-way Switch actually provides benefits for its users. It can make and disconnect the connections in the circuit. You can complete this type of project cable in a few hours without removing and repairing drywall. To install this cable, you can find out from the following instructions:

3-Way Light Installation Instructions

How to install the 3-way light is very easy if you know the instructions? The following are the installation instructions:

Turn off the circuit on the electrical panel

The first thing you have to do is change the circuitry on the electrical panel correctly. Next, you can add an electric box for the Three-Way switch in the basement. You can also replace the city switch with a larger one. The goal is to attach an extra cable to the three-way switch that you are going to plug.

Feed the cable length

The cable used in the installation is NM type. The first step is the length of the cable 14-3 or 12-3 for the 12-gauge cable between the two boxes. The colors on the 14-3 cable are white, red and black.

Connect the cable to the switch

The next step is to insert the cable into the three-way switch. You do this by using screws to help transportation. After that, a different color will appear from the cable meeting by the shared terminal.

Wrap black electrical tape

Next, one thing you must remember is the black electrical tape. Don’t forget to wrap the black electrical tape at the end of each white cable. Its function is to wander between three-way switches. How to? The trick is to wrap the black ribbon around the white cable from the switch to the lamp. This method can provide information to you if you use an incoming cable in a hot or not neutral state.

You need to understand that if the cable you’re using is made of aluminum, you should contact a licensed pro. A licensed Pro must have a working certificate. In addition, you also need to consider the cable problem. Make sure the cable for installation has a dull gray color, not a dull orange color that is characteristic of copper.

You can easily make out wiring diagrams for three-way light switches. From this diagram, you can find out how to wire a light switch. In addition, you will also easily know how the state of the lamp if the power goes into the lamp.

You need to know that the power will go into the equipment box. Later the wire that is connected to the right side of the switch is a black hot wire. Then what is the function of the red and blue cables? These two cables will later connect the traveler terminal of the switch. The red wire will lead to the fixture on the first switch.

Tools For The 3-Way Transition Project

In a 3-way transition project, you need special tools so that the installation can run smoothly. the following are the tools:

  • 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • Non-contact voltage testers
  • The use of a knife
  • Wire stripper/cutter
  • Electric tape
  • Pliers with the tip of the nose

As for the materials you need, including cables 14-3 or 12-3 and three-way switches (2).

That was a review of the Wiring a 3-Way Switch. Hopefully, the information above can help with your problem!